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Get a faster quote for your foundation; a practical example

27-09-2022 | W. van Wijngaarden

Did you already know that for simple foundations, for example for a shed, garden house or canopy, you can fill in an intake form? We have already published a news article on this before. But now we also have a clear practical example that we would like to share with you. That way it's even clearer to imagine.

Friday afternoon 5pm....

We receive the following message in our mailbox on a Friday afternoon at 5pm:

Good afternoon,

I am working on the foundation for my garage/shed. Now I was wondering what would be the best thing to do in terms of rebar cages for the frost barier (see attached drawing) and the number of reinforcing mesh + lattice girders for the concrete floor (area 87.36 m2 with a thickness of 15 cm). I saw that you have different sizes of rebar cages and could possibly make customized cages. Can you make a total offer for this or should I try to put everything together myself online. I would like to hear from you and if there are any questions I would be happy to hear them.

 schets van fundering

Monday morning

Our engineer opens his mailbox and reads the above message. Can you imagine that making an overall offer based on this is quite difficult? Because when we offer something, we also do it very precisely. Complete in terms of products and a price to the penny.

What should the reinforcement cross-sections be, for example? Or what is the concrete size of the foundation beam? You get the picture: the engineer takes the phone in his hand and starts calling. With a form on the screen, he asks all kinds of questions to find out the right data and fills it in. Based on this, the reinforcement is worked out and sent with a quotation.

Tuesday morning

The next morning, the client responds. He has some changes to make. He himself had a different idea about the floor edge at the location of the foundation beam. He now sends us a sketch with clear dimensions of the concrete and rabbet to be applied.


Tuesday afternoon

Based on the sketch, changes are processed and the customer receives the final quote in his mailbox the same day. Not counting the weekend, that took about 48 hours. Fortunately, the customer was easily accessible and our engineer always managed to get on with it. If the customer couldn't pick up the phone on Monday, then.....

But it can be even faster!

What if you fill in the intake form right away?

OK, it takes a bit more time and thinking work to fill in. But it forces you to think carefully about what and how you are going to build. You might come across something you hadn't thought about before. Filling in the form will give you a reasonable idea of what parts to expect in the offer. This way, we don't have to call you to consult, so you save that time again.

  • Working out a foundation with a completed form takes a maximum of an hour.

Suppose you send the intake form for your foundation at 5pm on Friday afternoon. That then arrives directly in our mailbox. We will open your mail on Monday morning. If the form is filled in properly, it takes a maximum of an hour to work it out. So on Monday morning you could already have the quotation in your mailbox! Of course, you were not the only one who mailed, but sending a quotation on Monday should work. Convinced?

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