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High prices and threat of scarcity: order customised rebar cages

24-03-2022 | W. van Wijngaarden

Do you always buy standard rebar cages and cut them to size on site? Now that material prices are unpredictable and high and the market is threatened with scarcity, you might take a different look at that cutting waste. A shame, right? Do something about it and order custom-made rebar cages if possible.

Fetching cages with your trailer

It is probably completely in your system. You just pick up rebar cages for a foundation. They are always in stock. Pick up the trailer, drive there, load it up and process it tomorrow. Sometimes you don't like having to do this at the end of the afternoon. You might have preferred to sit in the garden at home. But hey, you're used to it.

The next day at the building site, you're cutting. Time and waste. And maybe you make a mistake? Just taken off too much? Does someone need to get a rebar cage quickly? Time and waste! Add up the costs for yourself: wages, fuel and not forgetting steel, the prices of which are constantly rising.

Think ahead and save

When you think a few days ahead and order custom-made rebar cages, you can save yourself a lot of effort, time and material. You can order your customised rebar cages online. Just from the office or home behind your laptop. It takes some getting used to and a different way. But it is simple, saves you time and on our website we make sure that a mistake when ordering is minimal. The rebar cages are then made for you and delivered to the desired address a few days later. After that, assembly and processing is faster because you don't have to make anything to measure.

  • Advantages customised rebar cages:
    -  less waste
    - faster assembly
    - less self driving (material collection, waste removal)

Ordering customised a risk?

You probably understand the point about waste, but you are still reluctant to order made-to-measure products. Because if you make a mistake, you'll be left holding the bag. Then the work is not immediately finished, you have to call and order again and so on. That also takes time, doesn't it? Absolutely, that is why we have smart engineers. They can work out your project and use modelling software to determine exactly what you need. They put the calculated products in the digital shopping basket for you. Click and go. And you get a nice 3D model too.

Use the handy rebar cage 3D configurator

Would you like to order it yourself? That is also possible. To make ordering customised rebar cages as easy as possible, we have a handy rebar cage 3D configurator. With this, you can immediately see what the rebar cage will look like and you can view it from all sides. Need more explanation about this? Then read an article we wrote. It also includes a video that shows you how to fill in and order.

Order rebar cages with the 3D viewer


And what do you think? Next time after work just drive home and crash in the garden? Because thanks to your forward thinking, those rebar cages are ready and waiting for you at the construction site. And you have also done your bit to reduce the impending scarcity. Cheers!

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