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Knowledge centre on our website

13-09-2022 | W. van Wijngaarden

We like to make information on reinforcement accessible to everyone. That is why we share our accumulated knowledge. Over time, information on the website was scattered around. But now we have conveniently bundled it in one place for you: our Knowledge centre.

There are already enough wheels

It would be a waste to look for things yourself that are already known or to reinvent the wheel. We deal with reinforcement on a daily basis, speak to people in the chain, are involved in education and do our best to provide information to customers and relations. So continuously builds up knowledge about reinforcement. Knowledge which we gladly share with you.


Save yourself time

So wondering about reinforcement? Be smart and check out our Knowledge centre first. It will save you time. And of course, you can also just browse around.

What's in the Knowledge centre?

You will find the Knowledge centre in the top navigation bar as the first item on the left. A prominent place. We have made the following subdivision:

  • RebarAssist: This is our 3D viewer with intuitive selection functions. There are news articles about it so you can read what RebarAssist is. Soon you will also find instruction videos.
  • Assembly: useful if you want to assemble reinforcing mesh or rebar cages yourself. You'll find instructional videos and assembly drawings, for example.
  • Product information: Here you will find background information on our products.
  • Tables and tools: Useful to keep in mind if you are a structural engineer or need to do some calculations when ordering.
  • Lapping lengths, weights and Eurocode: The reinforcement that is applied must comply with all kinds of safety regulations and standards. Find handy overviews here.
  • Material properties: This includes diameters, cross-sections and codes.

Open for additions

Anything missing? Then feel free to send us a message. We'll see if we can make a new article or a useful video about it.

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