Staalgoed Handel B.V.

Moving to a larger office

17-12-2021 | W. van Wijngaarden

You may remember that in January 2020 we moved to a bigger office. Now, two years later, we are moving again. We really don't fit in anymore. In January, we will move to our new office in Sliedrecht. And at moments like this, it's always nice to take a quick look back as well.verhuizing

From attic room to 180 m2

In 2013, started from the proverbial attic. Brothers Arie and Johan van Wijngaarden thought they saw a gap in the market and created a website for ordering rebar. When the first orders come in, they quickly arrange a more professional website and an office of 25 m2. And now we move into an office space in Sliedrecht with 9 workplaces.

Relocation 2020

In January 2020, we moved into a building with three spaces for us: an office for sales, an office for engineering and a consulting room. The offices have the potential to expand, so we can move on for a while. Right?

Substantial growth

Since its establishment, the geographical scope has been extended to include Belgium. And the ideas for working more efficiently and in a more customer-oriented way are constantly growing. From 2019, non-native speakers in the Netherlands and Belgium will be able to find and order all information in English. The 3D reinforcement configurator will go live on the site in 2020 so that customers can easily craeate customized products. In 2021, customers will be able to view their 3D model with the RebarAssist and the sales software is also becoming increasingly intelligent. Innovating and growing means needing staff.

Too tight again

And so working desks soon appear in the consulting room to accommodate new people. We had to look for more space again. And we found it in Sliedrecht.

10 January from new location

At the moment we are working hard to furnish our new workplace. From 10 January onwards, we will be processing orders and answering questions from Sliedrecht. We are looking forward to it!