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Now also order link cages with our 3D viewer

20-04-2021 | W. van Wijngaarden

Since last year you can order customized rebar cages on our website using the 3D rebar cage  configurator. This way of ordering works well. That is why we are expanding ordering with 3D visualization. You can now also order customized link cages with a 3D viewer.

Less risk of mistakes in the ordering and production process

The main advantage of ordering customized products with our 3D configurator, is that you can clearly see what you are creating. This means there is less chance of making mistakes when ordering. The data entered in the 3D configurator goes directly to the production machines. This also prevents errors in data transfer during the production process.

Time saving due to less mistakes

We have noticed that since reinforcement cages are being ordered with the 3D configurator, it is less common for a customer to fill in impossibilities. Previously, this meant calling back and forth between us with the supplier and the customer to achieve the right product together. And that of course resulted in delays in the ordering, production and construction process. In addition, customized products cannot be exchanged or returned. A waste of everyone's time, money, effort and the material. That is why we are dedicated to prevent mistakes.

Advantages ordering with 3D configurator:
- you can immediately see whether the product is correct
- data can be sent to production machine without a manual data transfer data 
- fewer calls back and forth


You will immediately see the entered specifications of the link cage

If you order a customized link cage, there are a lot of specifications to fill in. In addition to the length and link distance, you have to choose the shape and dimensions, determine the diameter of (auxiliary) bars and indicate the length of the bar ends on both sides. In the ordering module with 3D viewer, after entering each specification you can see what changes in the link cage. So you can immediately see and check whether the cage is as you intended it to be.

 Link cages 3D configurator

Figure 1. The ordering module with 3D viewer

Convenient functions in the order overview

Once you have creates a linke cage and have added it to the shopping cart, there are useful functions in the order overview.

Order overview U-link cageFigure 2. The order overview contains convenient functions

Copy the product

You can copy the link cage, which will then also be added to the order list. If you then click on “Change specifications”, you can adjust the link cage. Handy if you also need the same link cage in a different length. This way you only have to make one change instead of creating a new cage.

View a drawing of your link cage

By clicking on "View specifications", you will get a clear drawing of the link cage assembled by you.

A drawing with specifications of the link cage 
Figure 3. You can view the link cage in a drawing


Links in your order by e-mail

When your order is completed, you can still use all these useful functions. In the e-mail you receive, with all the products ordered by you, there are links to the 3D viewer and drawings with specifications of the custom-made product ordered.

Links in the order overview

Figure 4. After the order you will receive useful links in the mail

Try for yourself

Experience here the benefits of the new 3D configurator for yourself. We have made the ordering process as simple and clear as possible. Are you still unable to resolve the matter or do you need advice? Then contact us. And at the same time we will continue to develop even more ease of ordering!

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