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Price increase of reinforcing steel

21-06-2022 | M.E. de Jong

UPDATE 23-5-2022

From the beginning of the price increases, we have been keeping you informed of the latest developments. Here is another update.

Although the prices are more stable than in recent months, the situation is far from stable. We explain.

The stabilisation that we are now seeing has a number of causes:
The price of scrap metal has fallen sharply.
Energy and fuel are needed to make and deliver rebar. These prices are also stabilising.
Materials seem to be becoming more available.
Asia is starting to supply steel to the European market and the number of orders has decreased.

However, the situation remains uncertain. The sanctions against Russia, the war in Ukraine and also the current corona policy in China have a major impact on price developments.

Our quotations remain valid for one day. If you respond to the offer later, we will still deliver the reinforcement, but we will contact you about the then current prices.

UPDATE 5-4-2022

From 2017 onwards we keep track of steel prices. Now that March has passed, we have added the prices of Q1 2022.  

Betonstaal prijsindex

UPDATE 21-3-2022

In the meantime, there is considerable chaos on the steel market due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In previous reports we already mentioned that Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are of great importance to the European market. The export of steel from these countries has virtually come to a standstill. This means that there is a scarcity of steel.

In addition, energy prices have also risen sharply. This has already led to an increase in cost prices. Steel mills that produce on the basis of scrap metal have therefore been hit hard. The scarcity of raw materials and the high energy prices have forced the steel mills to limit their production.

The combination of increased energy prices, low supply and sharply reduced production from steel mills makes the market very uncertain. It is impossible to make any predictions about how the market will develop.

There are too many uncertain factors. How long the war lasts and the duration of economic measures largely determine the future.


The situation in Ukraine is terrible. Our thoughts go out to all the people it affects. With that in mind, let’s put below text into perspective

Ukraine, Russia and Belarus together are of great importance for the European market.

The war has had a huge impact on the availability of reinforcing steel.
The prices of energy, fuel, scrap and transport are rising sharply.
And all this is necessary for the production and supply of reinforcing steel.

It is expected that prices will continue to rise in the coming period. There is no sign of shortages yet. If the situation in Ukraine continues or expands, this could change.

What are the consequences of the price increase for you as a customer?

We follow the trend of fluctuating prices. So, if you have done some preliminary research on the website and are actually going to order a week later, chances are the prices have changed. And because price changes are very unpredictable these days, the quotes we send out are currently valid for one day. If you respond to the quote a little later, we are still happy to deliver the reinforcement to you. However, the price may have changed. We look at the prices that are valid at that moment. 

Ask us your questions!

We do our utmost to be clear in our messages to you as a customer. If we make you an offer, we will tell you how long it is valid. An invoice will tell you what you need to bear in mind in connection with price increases. However, if you have any questions about the price increases, in general, or about your specific situation, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to think along with you! 

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