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Third time in a row FD Gazelle award!

20-10-2022 | W. van WIjngaarden

We are very pleased with it. In 2020, we became an FD Gazelle for the first time. That already felt good. But you never get used to it. It doesn't come naturally. That's why the second time was also quite a boost. And this year, the third time, we are also extremely happy again!

Gazelle award 2022 Betonstaal,nl

What are the FD Gazellen?

The dutch daily financial newspaper FD hands out these awards to the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. This year, they are doing so for the 19th time. Not only turnover growth is important. Employee growth and profitability are also taken into account. Employee growth is an indicator of a contribution to employment. Profitability (net profit on turnover) is an indicator of a company's added value.

Award ceremony on 22 November

On 22 November, we will be able to receive the award. We will of course share it when the time comes.

This award and the satisfaction of our customers give us an extra boost to continue developing in terms of customisation, service and efficiency.

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