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We have used our experience, since 1953, to automate customized solutions with a clear ordering process, optimal production and quick logistics handling.

You can calculate the price of the reinforcing bar directly on our website and place your order.

Reinforcement design (3D), tying or large batches? Please contact and we will offer you the best solution.

Products - Reinforcing mesh

Reinforcing mesh

Reinforcing mesh, which meet the Eurocode standard and Arbo rules, for concrete floors and walls.
Products - Reinforcing bar

Reinforcing bar

Cut and bent customized rebar or in standard dimensions. Choose the shape, specify the dimensions and angles and calculate your price.
Products - Lattice girders

Lattice girders

Products - Rebar cages

Rebar cages

Prefab rebar cages with standard length or create your own cage, calculated and ordered quickly and easily.
Products - Footing cages

Footing cages

Customized footing cages or standard footing cages for creating support points in a strip footing.
Products - Cover spacers

Cover spacers

Cover spacers are important for proper concrete coverage. This will make your structure last longer and prevent concrete rot.
Products - Accessories


Steel fixing tools, tying wire and formwork accessories to process and apply the reinforcement.
Products - Reinforcement continuity systems

Reinforcement continuity systems

Systems to connect the reinforcement of adjacent concrete components.
Products - Stainless steel rebar

Stainless steel rebar

Stainless steel reinforcement in different lengths and diameters. Customized stainless steel reinforcing mesh are also possible.
Products - Glass fibre reinforcement

Glass fibre reinforcement

Products - Free 3D model with quote

Free 3D model with quote

Your project in 3D. Enclosed with all (relevant) quotes. A quote tells you what and how much. A 3D model why and where.

Complete offer including 3d model

Receive a free, no-obligation 3D model with every quote. This service is there for everyone: business and private customer and both large and small projects.

Advantages for you at a glance:

  • What you see is what you get
  • Elaboration is customized
  • You see what you will actually use
  • Easy to check, low error rate

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Products - Complete offer including 3d model