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Reinforcing bar prices

Quick overview of rebar prices? View our prices for reinforcing bars 3 and 6 meters. Available in different diameter. You can find customized bars at customized rebar and you can request a quote for the large diameters.

Ø8mm | 3000mm1.20kgØ8mm9.3mmB500A / Bview product
Ø8mm | 6000mm2.41kgØ8mm9.3mmB500A / Bview product
Ø10mm | 3000mm1.88kgØ10mm11.6mmB500A / Bview product
Ø10mm | 6000mm3.77kgØ10mm11.6mmB500A / Bview product
Ø12mm | 3000mm2.71kgØ12mm14.0mmB500A / Bview product
Ø12mm | 6000mm5.43kgØ12mm14.0mmB500A / Bview product
Ø16mm | 3000mm4.83kgØ16mm18.8mmB500A / Bview product
Ø16mm | 6000mm9.66kgØ16mm18.8mmB500A / Bview product
Ø20mm | 3000mm7.53kgØ20mm23.2mmB500A / Bview product
Ø20mm | 6000mm15.06kgØ20mm23.2mmB500A / Bview product
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Fast and careful delivery of rebar ensures that rebar is delivered quickly and carefully. In addition to delivery in the Netherlands, delivery in Belgium is also possible. We guarantee the best quality and service, with customization being our standard.

Production of rebar according to European standards produces according to the set standards and requirements of Eurocode and KOMO / Kiwa.

Reinforcement developed and delivered as a kit

At we ensure that the reinforcement is elaborated and delivered as a construction kit, including installation drawings and instructions. The construction kits are supplied with a clear and numbered parts list, which corresponds to the assembly plan and the labels on the reinforcement.

Reinforcement design in 3D

By using various software packages and links, we can digitally develop reinforcement from simple to complex construction projects.

Questions or comments about rebar

Do you have questions about the prices of rebar or would you like to request a quote? You can then fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. can be reached by telephone on working days between Openingstijden hours, which means you can contact us very flexibly. Call us on: +31 88 0287800.