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Accelerate lead times for quotations

In order to make an appropriate offer as quickly as possible, we need the construction/foundation drawing(s) from the structural engineer, drafting firm or contractor.

There are three file formats we can work with.

Deliver this way

The construction documents can have the following file formats:

  • Construction Report (PDF)
  • Drawing (PDF/DXF/DWG)
  • 3D model (IFC)

You can realize these file formats through the programs Autocad, Revit or Tekla. Increasingly, an IFC model of the concrete form is also available. We can use these to quickly understand the foundation to be built.

So not like this

We regularly receive sketches, comic strips or just text. There is a lot of creativity to be found in these, but it often makes it challenging to be able to create a custom quote right away.

In 90% of the cases we miss information to be able to make a correct quotation. Additional communication is then required. Or we turn out to have misunderstood something after all. This makes it take longer to work out the project, which of course causes delays, and in addition it can even result in an incorrect or incomplete quotation, which can cause problems on the construction site.

Delivery specifications per element

For each element we need data to be able to develop the drawing into a 3D model.

We have listed all the necessary data for you below, so you can use it as a checklist to see if your drawing meets the delivery specifications.


  • Top view of foundation with clear dimensions
  • Cross section of the concrete beam with the height and width of the beam in question
  • Concrete cover on top, bottom and side
  • Required reinforcement in the foundation beam


  • Top view of the floor with clear dimensions
  • Thickness of the floor
  • Cover above and below
  • Required reinforcement in the floor

Foundation in combination with floor

  • See above
  • The coupling between the foundation and the floor is clearly shown in a cross section
  • Required reinforcement for coupling between foundation beam and floor
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